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'Extra Miles' is a hospital discharge service run by St. Paul's Centre, for patients at Leighton Hospital, Crewe

Extra Miles

St. Paul’s Centre provides a Hospital Discharge Service called Extra Miles, for patients at Leighton Hospital who are ready and able to return home.


The service is led by Hilary Hamilton, who co-ordinates a team of drivers to respond to calls from Leighton Hospital to collect discharged patients (those not needing specialised care or equipment) and take them home in a dedicated vehicle.

Hilary comments ‘…this is far more than a taxi service. People talk to us and share their concerns which helps us to support them further ourselves, or help them access care and support from other sources if needed. Most importantly, we are able to ensure that their homes are safe by checking that the electricity, gas and water supplies are working, the home is free from hazards relating to fire, slips, trips and falls, that their phones are charged, TV is working and they have adequate supplies of food in the home until at least the next day…

We also carry food parcels, clean bedding (if needed) and a welcome home pack with coffee, tea and milk that we give to everyone.

Hilary goes on to say ‘…we offer the all-important personal touch to ensure that people who may feel isolated and alone over the weekend have access to our support …

If a patient wishes, we can contact relatives or care providers to let them know that they are home and safe. With the agreement of the patient, we would also give a welfare call later in the day to ensure that all was well. Of course, any concerns would be passed to care providers or emergency assistance.


Feedback from patients reveals a much appreciated and welcome service, at a time when people can feel very vulnerable.

Thank you to our partners who play an essential part in the delivery of this service.

  • Cheshire East Council Communities

  • The British Red Cross

  • The staff at Leighton Hospital

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