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Footwear - in partnership with Sal's Shoes

We are proud to partner with Sal’s Shoes, an international organisation providing free footwear for school age children.  This project has been supported and sponsored by the Guinness Partnership and Cheshire Community Foundation.


We now have a purpose-built shoe shop in our centre where we can fit up to four pairs of shoes for each child.

Donations of footwear gratefully accepted!

Donate Shoes
The shoe shop at St. Paul's Centre

Donating Footwear

We are happy to take donations of good quality, clean second hand footwear. Please donate shoes that have plenty of wear left in them!

Shoes can be dropped off at our back gate THANK YOU!

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Sal's Shoes is an charity organisation with projects in 57 countries - read more about their work here

They have several UK stores, including ours here in Crewe! Read below for more details of their UK shops...

Can I get shoes

Can I get shoes for my children?

We operate a referral system. Speak to someone about your need and they will contact us about a referral

  • Housing support officer

  • Children’s centre

  • Health visitor / GP

  • Social services

  • School pastoral team

  • Local organisations (e.g. Motherwell, Chance Changing Lives)

If you don’t have a contact, please call:

Citizens Advice

0800 1448848

Help Through Hardship

0808 2082138

Once we receive your referral, we will contact you to make an appointment for fitting.

A referral for children’s footwear will entitle each child to up to 4 pairs of shoes over a 12 month period.

Please note all stock is subject to availability

In 2021 we opened 3 Sal’s Shoes ‘shops’ in partnership with Guinness Partnership.


These are situated in existing community spaces in Crewe at, in Hackney at and in Salford as part of a school uniform hub at


Families, via a referral system, are able to visit our shops and enjoy the experience of shoe ‘shopping’ and choosing their own shoes without having to pay for their purchases.


Dignity is one of the most important things to the human spirit. One of the saddest things about poverty can be the loss of dignity. There is nothing more stifling to a person’s identity than having to wear clothes that are not ‘them’. Children are experts in their own lives and even they have a strong sense of what style of clothing suits their personality and personal preference. Decent clothes and shoes can.. more

Sal's Shoe Shop at St. Paul's Centre
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