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St. Paul's Food Bank

A well-established foodbank in Crewe that serves people living in CW1 and CW2 postal code areas

Need Food Anchor

How do I get support with food?

​If you need support with food you will need to get a referral from a recognised agency, such as:

  • Housing support officer

  • Children’s centre

  • Health visitor and GP

  • Social services

  • School pastoral team

Speak to someone about your need and they will contact us about a referral

If you don’t have a contact, please call

Citizens Advice 08001 448848

Help Through Hardship 0808 2082138

Once the referral is submitted, we endeavour to have a food package ready within 1 to 2 working days

​Your referral agent will be contacted with collection details and will let you know a date and time to collect

We operate a collection service ~ please see where we are on St. Paul's Street

The food bank service is free of charge
Donate Food

How can I donate food?

Please contact to organise ongoing donations
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