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Furniture Recycling Scheme

For over 35 years St. Paul’s Centre has collected and received donations of furniture from our community. From these collections, we supply hundreds of items of furniture every year to local households, free of charge, or at low cost.  As a separate venture, we also sell furniture in our Friday sale, and through our eBay shop. This helps to fund our essential community work.


We still need donations of furniture and household items

If you wish to donate, there are 2 methods:



  • Clean, unstained beds, mattresses, sofa beds

  • Cots and bunk beds

  • Clean soft furnishings in good condition.

All of the above require FIRE SAFETY LABELS

  • Tables and chairs

  • Wardrobes, sideboards, units

  • Dressers, cabinets, occasional furniture

  • Crockery, ornaments, bric-a-brac

  • Cooking and dining utensils

  • Cycles

  • Garden furniture

  • Bedding and towels

  • Desks and office furniture

  • Other household items

  • Clean Rugs



  • Car seats

  • Washing machines, fridges, freezers, cookers*

*See below: 'Waste Disposal’

  • Books

  • Rag waste

  • Carpets

What happens to my donated furniture?

Waste disposal

We operate a bulky waste disposal service on behalf of Cheshire East Council

This is for items that cannot be directly re-used or sold

There is a charge for this service

Click here for more information and to book a collection

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Furniture referral

Furniture by referral

If you are in need of basic furniture (beds, table, wardrobe, crockery  etc.) please follow these steps

Please do not approach us directly


Contact Cheshire Emergency Assistance. They will decide If you are eligible for the support that will enable us to supply your furniture  free of charge to you. 

If you are eligible for Emergency Assistance, we will make contact with you quickly.


Once you have been successfully referred to the Furniture Recycling Scheme (usually the same day) we will contact you to arrange a visit to choose your furniture.

Please note we will only allow you to choose those items listed on your referral and items that are available for the scheme. 


We will arrange with you a free delivery to your property

After we have received your referral from one of our agents you will be invited to come and select the furniture on your referral. You will receive a 30% discount on the item price and free delivery to your home address.

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